The Smile Artists of Great Falls, MT

Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday - 8am to 5pm (lunch from 1-2pm)
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I am the office manager at Lies Dentistry. I graduated from Carroll College with a BA in Dental Hygiene. I have 32 years experience in the dental field and have been with Lies Dentistry for 24 years. I enjoy all branches of the dental field and like the diversity of helping out wherever needed

I love the dental profession because I feel the number one quality a person has to present themselves or comfort others with is their smile. We have the most fabulous team at Lies Dentistry that it makes coming to work and helping patients with their dental needs a real treat everyday. We hope to see you and your smile soon!


Dental assistant full of life, energy and laughter.


Dental Hygienist who serves her patients with quality care.


Front desk organizer, greeting people with a friendly smile.


Creating a warm and inviting environment for staff and patients.